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NEAR Builders Logo

⚙️ Protocol Community Group ->

Shaping NEAR on the Protocol Level

📜 Contracts Community Group ->

Standardizing commonly use smart contracts on NEAR

💳 Wallet Builders ->

Making NEAR a wallet agnostic ecosystem. Wallet founders + builders

🖼️ NFT Builders ->

NFT Builders, marketplaces, tooling, infra.

🏛️ DAO Builders ->

Building DAO Infrastructure

🤖 AI Builders ->

NEAR Builders leveraging AGI, LLMs, + much more!

📀 Indexer Builders ->

Expanding Data Infra on NEAR

🤐 Zero Knowledge ->

Deep tech, building ZK infra on NEAR

〚〛NEAR Social Devs->

OG BOS group, for devs building on - mob.near is here

🧰 Tooling ->

Tools that NEAR Devs can use

👋 OnboardDAO ->

Building onboarding infrastructure on NEAR

📱 NEAR Mobile WG->

Advancing the mobile development ecosystem on NEAR

💽 Validator Community ->

Keep up with the go-to NEAR Validator community.

📈 DeFi Founders ->

OGs building Decentralized Finance on NEAR

💻 NDC Technical WG ->

Building infrastructure for the NEAR Digital Collective in public

🌐 IBC x NEAR ->

Increasing collaboration between the NEAR and Cosmos ecosystem

💪 BOS Builders ->

Building on the Blockahin Operating System

🛠️ JS SDK Users ->

For developers using the NEAR Javascript SDK

🌸 Impact Collective ->

Regens on NEAR uniting to build a more sustainable world

🔑 Keypom Devs ->

Developers building limitless usescases for the permisionless onboarding protocol on NEAR

🎮 Games Community ->

Biggest Games community on NEAR.

🐍 Python Tooling ->

A space for Python developers that want to collaborate on building Python developers tooling for NEAR.

🚀 Build DAO ->

The NEAR builder DAO where the more you ship the more you level up.

🎨 Creatives DAO Builders ->

Building open source / public goods for the creatives community on NEAR

🧩 Multitoken WG ->

Moving discussions around Multitokens on NEAR forward

♻️ NFT Bridge ->

Developing standards and tools to bridge NFTs across different blockchains (chain agnostic)

🥷🏽 Jutsu Devs ->

Builders of the developer focused BOS gateway.

🔐 Privacy Group ->

Emphasizing privacy tools and privacy as the default on NEAR.


This is the OG general NEAR Devs telegram chat.

💰 DevHub Hacks ->

The place for hackathons on NEAR by NEARDevHub.